Maintenance calendar


Effective maintenance depends on regular ‘health checks’ on your church, and carrying out any work needed at the appropriate time. According to the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, effective maintenance involves two activities:

  • Looking
  • Doing


Carefully inspecting your church to assess its condition and noting any problems should be done at least once a year. Following a maintenance plan or maintenance calendar is strongly advised, so you can keep track on what needs to be inspected and when. 


Some practical tasks can be carried out by competent and willing volunteers.

A calendar for routine maintenance will help you to stay on top of everything, ensure that you carry out tasks at the best time of year, and make sure you don’t forget anything.

There are several maintenance calendars online, which you can use as the basis for creating a bespoke schedule for your church. Use our template to plan and record completion of the tasks needed to look after your building in an appropriate way, and at the appropriate time of year.

The MaintenanceBooker Useful Links pages include links to a number of maintenance calendars including ChurchCare's and the SPAB's. Click on the tab 'Maintenance Advice and Support' to view all links.