St Wulfram


A Cornerstone grant to fund a project to rebuild the spire. St Wulfram's is originally a late Norman Church. It is one of the largest medieval churches in the country, seating around 700 people.Simon Jenkins in his book 'England's Thousand Best Churches' gave it a five-star rating, in part for the tower and spire. Constructed in the early 1300s, at 282 feet the spire ranks as sixth highest of British church spires and dominates the views of the town. The was to help fund a project to rebuild a 24 feet section of the spire, 16 feet below the top. This work consists of replacing the rusting iron cramps with stainless steel ones together with replacing the stonework. The top 16 feet of the spire was in good condition; however the repair consisted of having to remove the top 40 feet of the spire, a major scaffolding and construction challenge.

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