St Michael


This is an important medieval church in Wales. The church is one of very few complete Welsh Romanesque churches of cruciform plan with a central tower. The church was founded and built in the thirteenth century following the example of the royal church of nearby Llanbadarn Fawr on the ancient clas site dedicated to St Padarn, and is characteristically plain but dignified. In the sixteenth century there was an ambitious and prolonged programme to re-roof the church and refit the tower. The timber for the bell frame was felled in 1537-8 on the very eve of the Reformation, when most church building had stopped. The sixteenth century work at the church is thus important for preserving one of the last demonstrations of pre-reformation piety in Wales.

This community led project will bring the church into a sustainable condition and make it the centre piece of the community’s cultural heritage. The tower is leaking causing serious dampness in the church. In wet and windy weather, water drips into the main body of the church on the West side of the crossing making the church unusable at times. The repairs involve re-pointing some areas of the West and South faces of the tower, inserting deeper flashing on parts of the tower/roof junction, repairing water damaged roof and floor timbers, and pinning across a large vertical crack in the tower to prevent it widening.

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