St Mary


St Mary's Church is a large parish church built in 1876–8 in central Brighton Listed Grade II*, it is Emerson's most significant building and only church in Britain. It is broadly neo-Gothic in style, but includes Oriental and Classical features that reflect both Emerson's career in India and his passion for architectural hybridity. The exterior is of red brick and pink sandstone with slate roofs, the interior of red and buff brick with Bath stone piers.

Top tips from feedback:

- Interrogate tenders minutely and be sure that you and the architects agree about what has been asked of the contractors and that wording is understood

- Don't skimp on contingency costs; if it's a big/complex building assume extra essential works will be found in the course of the repairs.

- Assume a timetabling overrun of at least a third of the planned duration.

- If you're not at risk, strike out the terrorism clause in the works insurance cover! Insurers will insist you also have terrorism cover which can add over £1,000

- Budget for cleaning assistance if you're trying to keep the church running while repairs happen internally – there will be dust.

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