St Martin


St Martin’s is the second largest parish church in Cornwall. In 1428 the Prior of St Stephen’s in Launceston granted the mayor and parishioners of Liskeard the right to build a chapel adjoining the existing church. This created the south aisle and Lady Chapel of today. In 1430 another deed allowed the chapel to be rebuilt. A third deed in 1477 empowered the mayor and parishioners to construct arches and create the north aisle. The building of the current tower started in 1901, replacing an earlier one. The west door, originally built in 1627, was preserved in the reconstruction. These dates can still be seen on the exterior of the west end of the church. 

The National Churches Trust’s £15,000 Community Grant helps fund: the installation of a second toilet; upgrades to the current accessible toilet; creation of a kitchen area in the south west corner of the nave; installation of underfloor heating; and the creation of a new crèche area. Some of the pews will be removed, improving the flexibility of the church for community events. 

Top tips from completed project feedback: 

  • A lot of planning was done in the early stafes which really helped ensure the project went smoothly and on time
  • We also had a fixed price contract from the main contractor (subject to certain expectations), which helped the contractors stay focused!

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