St Laurence


Built in 1968 by the architect Ralph Covell, St Laurence's is a spectacular octagonal church with a pentagonal Lady Chapel and large community centre. In the Culverley Green Conservation Area, its domed roof with central oculus is supported on concrete portal frames. Beneath the dome, seven 12 metre spans of vibrant ‘dalles de verre’ - coloured glazing - create a glorious sense of light-filled space, reverent and yet intimate, that even on dull days lifts the spirits of congregation and visitors.

Its comfortable green leatherette pews embrace the sanctuary. The Profilit glazing, Granwood floor and interior layout, are all beautifully preserved. Representative of the best of 1960s religious architecture, it is a combination of immanent and transcendent, individual and collective.  As well as religious services, the church hosts many activities including concerts, rehearsals, film screenings and public meetings. The adjacent community centre is a thriving community hub.

The maintenance grant has enabled the church to carry out the investigative work recommended by recent Quinquennial Inspection to determine cause of rapidly developing hairline cracks in the main high arches and the ring beams of the low level ambulatory.

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