St Andrew


St Andrew's was built to serve the population of the new London suburb of Stoke Newington. It was consecrated in 1884 and the congregation almost immediately set about decorating the interior according to the designs of the architect, A W Blomfield. The interior is one of the most remarkable churches in England with almost every wall embellished with paintings and the windows all of stained glass, apart from those on the south side which were destroyed in WWII. The ground floor of the attached hall was constructed as a choir vestry in 1890. The original vicarage and church hall were sold to a housing association in 1969 in exchange for the construction of a new, smaller parsonage and a first floor addition to the hall. Unfortunately, the construction of the modern addition was poor and it has been unusable for the past six months.

The grant will support a project to restore the first floor hall which includes the installation of toilets, upgradig the kitchen, rewiring, a new roof with insulation, new entrance, new ceilings and windows, and repairs to the heating system.

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