Pickering Methodist Church


Pickering Methodist Church was built in 1885. Its Grade II listed status comes from the fact that the central worship area is largely unchanged since the Victorian era, providing an almost museum-like environment of a bygone age that hosts modern church services yet in a space which would still be recognised by worshippers from generations ago.

Moving the kitchen and toilets will allow the church to host more than one activity at a time. A café space will be used for more informal worship, for other events such as a tap-dancing club and as a meeting place – for instance, for mothers waiting to pick up children from playschool.

Wider building work at the church also seeks to make the building more accessible for elderly and disabled people, including the installation of a platform lift.

Top tips on completed project feedback:

  • It is vital that all stakeholders are fully supportive of the project, not just church members, but the community groups who use the building and local residents
  • We were delighted with the success of the video we had made and the Just Giving campaign which ran alongside its release
  • We got the whole town involved (where we could) so that it became a campaign for non-churchgoers as well

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