Mount Merrion Parish Church


Mount Merrion Parish Church is a symmetrical double-height red-brick church in the modernist style, dominated by a vertical glazed gable with a spire. It was built in 1963 to designs by Dennis O’Donoghue Hanna. Of particular interest is the unusual and impressive roof structure, and supporting frames made from laminated timber, or ‘glulam’

The two laminated portal frames which support the main roof of this B1 listed building are ‘delaminating’ – the layers are separating. This is due to water ingress. If allowed to continue, this could result in the collapse of the roof. By replacing the timbers, the structural integrity of the roof will be secured. Further works will prevent water entry and heat loss. The project to keep the roof secure means that the church can remain central to its community.

Top tips from completed project feedback:

-       Appoint an experienced architect. Their expertise and experience is vital in ensuring

        the smooth planning and delivery of the works.

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