The Minster Church of Saints Thomas


The Minster Church of Sts Thomas, or Newport Minster, is recognised as the main Anglican church on the Isle of Wight. Honouring its importance, the church was designated a Minster in 2008. Originally dedicated to Thomas Beckett, this was dropped when he was declared a traitor, and the dedication assumed to be to Thomas the Apostle. The current church is dedicated to both Saints Thomas.

Newport Minster was rebuilt in 1854 in the Victorian High Gothic style on the footprint of the original mediaeval church. Queen Victoria’s beloved home on the Isle of Wight, Osborne House, gave her a strong connection to the church. She was a major benefactor of the project, and Prince Albert laid the foundation stone.

In the centre of Newport, the Minster is already used regularly by a number of groups and has the largest seating capacity on the island. However, a lack of space and toilets limit its use. The National Churches Trust’s Project Development Grant will help support the latest phase of a decade long project of restoration and reordering of this historic church by helping to develop plans and costings ahead of the final phase of works.

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