Holy Trinity


Standing alone in the fields, accessible only by very swampy footpaths, this charming small church was first built in 1727. The church was altered between 1858 and 1868 by Thomas Nicholson. He replaced the large Georgian windows with smaller Gothic style openings, though the outlines of the larger windows are still visible on the exterior. Nicholson also raised the roof and refurbished the church. Archaeological work is being carried out to find out whether there is evidence of a former church on the site.

The project will include repairs to stonework, rainwater goods, churchyard walls, the tower roof and also a range of internal repairs. The east wall will also be pointed, grouted and repaired to ensure no further water penetration occurs. External eaves and abutments will be repaired and all rainwater goods and flashings will be upgraded. The project will ensure the church is removed from the Historic England’s Heritage At Risk register.

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