All Saints


Part-funded by Meakin, a local potter, All Saints Church was rebuilt in 1911 on the site of the mid-19th century church and is a good example of Gerald Horsley's work. There is a lofty main nave and a north aisle that is on the foundations of the original church. This is used as the Lady Chapel and the east window is from the original building. The church has significant memorials to the First World War including the large east window in the chancel, the triptych on the main altar, and the memorial to the North Staffs Regiment. It also has fine embroidery from the Leek Embroideries Guild and there is an 'external' pulpit.

The church is amongst the largest in the Potteries being a focal point for Joiners Square, a community that had major mining and sanitary ware manufacture until the late 20th Century.

The project will support the installation of a toilet and a refreshment point within the Choir Vestry. Currently the church has no such facilities and without an accessible toilet, the church is not attractive to the wider community as a meeting venue. All Saints serves a community suffering with high levels of deprivation and the new facilities will enable it to offer more to the community it serves.

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