Northern Ireland Grants


Funding boost for Northern Ireland’s churches, chapels and meeting houses

Church, chapel and meeting house buildings in Northern Ireland are to benefit from £200,000 of funding thanks to a grant awarded to the National Churches Trust from the Historic Environment Division at the Department forCommunities.

£200,000 will go to boosting the National Churches Trust’s grants for urgent repairs and for the provision of modern community facilities such as toilets and kitchens. The National Churches Trust are particularly interested in helping churches address the impact of climate change on their historic buildings.

The National Churches Trust supports churches and chapels of all denominations that are open for regular worship. Through our grant programmes we have supported 62 places of worship in Northern Ireland with funding of £669,309 for urgent repairs, the provision of toilets, kitchens and other community facilities and essential maintenance.

In advance of an application, applicants are encouraged to consult the Historic Environment Division Advisory Standards for repair and guidance for works to listed buildings. Applications can be made through our Cornerstone Grant Programme. The deadline for applications is 7 February 2022. 

For more information contact the Church Support Officer for Northern Ireland on 07922 425089.

This grant programme has been made possible through the generous support of the Historic Environment Division at the Department for Communities.