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  • British Listed Buildings

    Organisation Page

    An online database of buildings and structures that are listed as being of special architectural and historic interest.

  • British Religion in Numbers

    Organisation Page

    Quantitative data – from measures of observed or reported social phenomena – is critical. There is a great deal of historical and contemporary data available, but it hitherto been scattered, or difficult to access by many researchers. BRIN aims to...

  • Built Environment Forum Scotland

    Organisation Page

    A membership organisation bringing together voluntary and professional non-governmental organisations that operate at the national level and represent people who work within the built environment sector.

  • CashBack for Communities

    Organisation Page

    CashBack for Communities is a unique Scottish Government programme which takes money seized from criminals under the proceeds of crime legislation and invests them in our young people. Since 2008, £92 million has been committed to...

  • Catholic Heritage

    Organisation Page

    The website for the Networking Archives and Libraries in the Catholic Church (NALCC) project. This network is forging partnerships between diocesan archives, Bishops’ Conferences’, seminaries, and religious orders in order to provide a...

  • Church of Scotland

    Organisation Page

    National organisation for the Church of Scotland, including support and advice for church buildings.

  • Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

    Organisation Page

    Supported and facilitated by a skilled and committed staff team, CTiBI networks specialists across the churches, arranges regular meetings of church representatives and links the churches to a wide range of inter-church organisations.


    Trades Directory

    Crick-Smith est 1983. Specialists in the research and conservation of the interior and exterior decoration and finishes. Historic paint/wallpaper analysis and research for buildings, structures and historic artefacts. 

  • Diocese of Aberdeen

    Organisation Page

    Regional diocese for the Catholic Church, including support and advice for church buildings.

  • Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney

    Organisation Page

    Regional diocese for the Episcopal church, including support and advice for church buildings.