Northern Ireland Partnership Grants


The Partnership Grants Programme is now open for applications from Northern Ireland

Our Partnership Grants programme offers grants of between £2,500 and £10,000 towards the cost of urgent and essential structural repair projects, costing between £10,000 and £100,000 (incl. VAT and fees), or the installation of kitchen and toilets, usually costing under £25,000 (incl. VAT and fees).

Are you eligible?

  • Is yours a Christian place of worship in Northern Ireland, and open for regular public worship?
  • Was your place of worship built as a place of worship originally, and are the works proposed due to take place within or attached to the place of worship?
  • Is the project in the planning stage, i.e. not yet started, but deliverable within 2 years?
  • Have you already raised 50% of the total project cost?
  • Is the project being led by a qualified professional, with conservation accreditation if it is a listed building?
  • Is the church open for at least 40 days a year beyond worship use, or will it be on completion?

The next deadline for applications will be 12 September 2018 for a decision in November 2018.

How to Apply

Before starting please read the 'Guidance Notes' below, you can also view the questions in advance. Once you are ready click on the 'Grant Application Form' button at the bottom of this page to be redirected to our online portal.

If your repair project is over £100,000 please apply to our Repair Grant Programme. If the installation of kitchen and/or toilets exceeds £25,000, please apply to our Community Grant Programme. We do not accept applications to both programmes for the same project. We will never fund more than 50% of a project cost.

Decisions on all grant applications are made internally. A shortlist of candidates is discussed by our Grants Committee, comprised of experts from the church and heritage sectors, three times a year.

The amount of funding available is limited, so we can only support a small proportion of the many important and deserving projects which ask for our help. We strongly encourage you to apply for as many other grants as possible and to start local fundraising as early as you can. For more funding sources and fundraising advice please click here.

Our grant programmes are changing. Details of deadlines beyond 12 September 2018, and the programmes and funding for 2019, will be announced later in the year. Do not start an application if you will not meet the 12 September deadline. Find out more here.

Guidance Notes 

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