What is the biggest problem facing the UK's church buildings?

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2019


We'd like to know your views

The UK's church, chapels and meeting houses are an amazing national asset.

Across the UK places of worship are valued for many reasons. Where one finds spiritual solace, another finds inspirational architecture. Some churches provide family memories, while others are commended for their presence in the community and the work they do in bringing local people together.

The National Churches Trust exists to support churches, chapels and meeting houses so that they remain at the heart of the communities for which they were built and can continue to play an integral part in all our lives.

But what do you think is the biggest problem facing the UK's church buildings in 2019?

Maybe it is the scourge of lead theft?  Or perhaps it is the difficulty or finding the money to carry our urgent repairs.

We'd be interested to know what you think and have set up an online poll.  Please do take a look and vote.

You can also tell us what you think by emailing info@nationalchurchestrust.org