Welome for publication of English Heritage's 'At Risk Register'

Published: Thursday, October 23, 2014


887 of Englands's places of worship are 'At Risk'

The National Churches Trust has welcomed the publication of English Heritage’s 2014 ‘Heritage At Risk Register’ which shows that 887 places of worship are physically 'at risk',  facing a combination of failing roofs, broken gutters and downpipes and damage to high level stonework. 

Claire Walker, Chief Executive of the National Churches Trust said:

“English Heritage 's 2014 ‘Heritage At Risk Register’, which includes a comprehensive review of all listed places of worship in England, shows that too many churches and chapels are still fighting a difficult battle against the ravages of time.”

"The publication of this expertly produced review shows that it is vital that the Government, central church authorities and heritage organisations continue to work together to help the places at worship most at risk before damage to them becomes irreversible. “

“Ways must be found to ensure that repair funding for churches and chapels is made available where it is most needed. It is also important that church buildings get the support of the wider local community and attract more visitors as ways of sourcing voluntary and financial support.”

“Since 1953 the National Churches Trust has helped over 12,000 places of worship. We are determined to continue to help churches, chapels and meeting houses get the funding and support they need to stay open and remain at the heart of our national heritage.”