Vital role of volunteers in managing church buildings

Published: Friday, August 3, 2012


The vital role played by volunteers in managing church buildings and raising finance for their upkeep has been highlighted by Claire Walker, Chief Executive of the National Churches Trust.

Her comments were made in a letter published in the Daily Telegraph on 3 August 2012. They follow media coverage of the possibility of residents having to pay thousands of pounds for repairs to local churches under the terms of a law dating back  to the reign of Henry VIII, known as Chancel Repair Liability.

The full text of her letter says:

"As Peter Stanford rightly notes (article in Telegraph Plus, 1 August) churches are at the heart of our nation's heritage and landscape."

"The complex issue of chancel repair liability highlights the challenge that is however faced by many of these buildings. The National Churches Trust, which in the last five years has distributed grants of over £8 million to fund church repairs, recognises the tremendous contribution made by volunteers in managing church buildings and raising the finance for their upkeep."

"Support for their work, whether through charities such as ours or via the church or government is vital as without our church buildings, many towns and villages would be shorn of important community spaces as well as places of worship of architectural significance."

The National Churches Trust is the only national, independent charity dedicated to promoting and supporting church buildings from all Christian denominations.