Ride+Stride raises £1.39 million for England's churches

Published: Friday, November 13, 2015


£1,396,154 was raised to help fund repairs to England's churches, chapels and meeting houses on Ride+Stride Saturday in 2014, final figures announced at the event's AGM, held in London on 12th November 2015, show.

The 2014 total was an increase of just under £24,000 compared to the 2013 total of £1,372,281.

Ride+Stride is a sponsored bike ride or walk organised locally in England by county based local churches trusts which assist historic churches.  Money raised is shared 50/50 between local churches trusts and individual places of worship. Ride+Stride started in Suffolk in 1981 as an annual sponsored bike ride and soon became a national event. National support for the event is provided by the National Churches Trust.

In 2014 five local churches trusts raised over £100,000 to support churches: Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk, Oxfordshire and Suffolk. The highest total, £156,800, was raised by the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust. In 2014, the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust raised £10,500 more in 2014 than in 2013, the largest increase achieved by any of the 35 local churches trusts taking part in the event – 2014 total £136,954, 2013 total £126,422.

National day for England's churches

Claire Walker, Chief Executive of the National Churches Trust said:  "Ride+Stride continues to raise much needed funds for the repair of churches, chapels and meeting houses throughout England.  I congratulate the many thousands of people who take part in this national day for England's churches. As well as having a great day out visiting churches large and small and ancient and modern, they ensure that local churches trusts have money available to help keep church buildings in good repair for all to enjoy."

Ride+Stride takes place each year on the second Saturday in September.  In 2014, the event took place on 13 September. In 2016 it will take place on 10th September.

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