Ride +Stride for Churches

Published: Thursday, July 26, 2018


Ride+Stride for Churches, raising funds for churches and County Church Trusts, takes place on 8 September 2018

When the World Cup and Wimbledon are over, our thoughts are turning to the walking and cycling event of the year: Ride+Stride for Churches on 8 September.

Ride+Stride for Churches is England's biggest fundraising event for churches. Thousands of people will be out and about visiting historic churches, chapels and meeting houses on foot, cycling, or even on horseback or by tractor!

Why not take part, and help raise money to help keep our rich heritage of historic church buildings open and saved for the next generation.

The National Churches Trust was delighted to read about Ride+Stride for Churches in Country Life on July 25 2018. 

However, although the National Churches Trust helps to co-ordinate the event, it is organised locally by County Church Trusts with all money raised shared between churches and chapels and individual County Trusts. 

Last year, despite inclement weather, Ride+Stride for Churches raised around £1.3m. Let's hope the sun shines on September 8 and this year even more money is raised to help keep our nation's wonderful church buildings in good repair.

Find out more about the event near you.