Revd Lucy Winkett becomes a Trustee of the National Churches Trust

Published: Friday, March 17, 2017


Ordained in 1995, she is Rector of St James's church, Piccadilly.

Revd Lucy Winkett said: “ I look forward very much to joining the vital work of the National Churches Trust, supporting churches as they seek both to maintain the buildings as beautiful sanctuaries and open the doors to serve their local communities.”

Luke March DL, Chairman of the National Churches Trust, said: “ I am delighted to welcome the Revd Lucy Winkett to the Board of Trustees of the National Churches Trust.  She will bring in depth understanding of the vital role churches play in contemporary society and of the challenge of looking after the heritage of church buildings.”

The National Churches Trust is the leading national independent charity supporting church buildings of all denominations throughout the United Kingdom.  The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York are the Presidents of the National Churches Trust.

About Lucy Winkett

Lucy Winkett was ordained in 1995, having worked previously as a professional soprano. One of the first generation of women to be ordained in the Church of England, she served her title in Manor Park, Newham before becoming the first woman priest appointed at St Paul’s Cathedral, later becoming Canon Precentor. She has been Rector of St James’s Church, Piccadilly since 2010. With degrees in history and theology, she broadcasts regularly on religion, gender and contemporary culture and is a long-standing contributor to Radio 4’s Thought for the Day. She was a founding advisor for the public theology think tank “Theos” and the co-founder of “Leading Women”, a national development programme for women clergy.   She is a Governor of The Queen’s Theological Foundation in Birmingham. Her book “Our Sound is Our Wound” (Continuum 2010) was the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book. In 2014, she was awarded an honorary doctorate by Winchester University.