Preserving the heritage of Winchester Cathedral

Published: Thursday, February 18, 2016


One of our Professional Trades Directory members, Hutton and Rostron Environmental Investigations, was recently involved in Winchester Cathedral's Heritage Lottery funded restoration and renovation.

The cathedral

Winchester Cathedral is one of England’s most historic church buildings. Hutton and Rostron Environmental Investigations were recently been involved in a project which has ensured it remains in a fine state for the foreseeable future.

Winchester Cathedral can trace its origins to the earliest days of Christianity in Britain, the site’s original Christian building being constructed in the 7th century by the son of the first Christian king of Wessex, Cenwalh.

It was rebuilt in the 11th century following the Norman Conquest, and this reconstruction forms the basis of the cathedral which stands there today (the original Norman building being most visible in the vaulted crypt and transepts).

Surveying damage

Hutton and Rostron’s work on Winchester Cathedral involved surveying damage to its vaulted roof. This work formed part of the cathedral’s application for £20.5 million of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for urgent conservation work and to help improve the cathedral’s community outreach, which has been successful.

Hutton and Rostron identified significant decay to the roof’s lead lining and guttering. But they also established that historic wood-boring insect infestations in the roof had not caused any structural damage and also showed that the roof was at little risk of significant future insect infestations. This resulted in changes to the cathedral’s future renovation plans.

Ceiling bosses

The cathedral’s ceiling bosses also became accessible during the survey, allowing a much closer look at them than has been possible in many years. This has inspired a research project to be undertaken on the bosses, which is currently underway.

Hutton and Rostron’s work has meant that further deterioration of the cathedral roof and infiltration of damp can be stopped in the long term. This will benefit Winchester Cathedral’s visitors and regular attendees for centuries to come.

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