Maintenance for your church or chapel

Published: Friday, November 29, 2019


Church Buying is a new purchasing service launched by leading church buying group 2buy2.

It helps churches and others reduce time and money spent on day-to-day purchases and their long-term planning needs.

A partnership with the National Churches Trust gives churches access to grants and approved suppliers through Church Buying for a host of church maintenance and repair issues through the MaintenanceBooker service.

Church Buying releases resources to ensure donations are spent wisely and provides assurance that products are fit for purpose, safe to use and of excellent quality.

Church Buying delivers procurement-as-a-service through an online service centre that’s available 24/7 with free features such as: 

  • CB Starter – gets churches up and running rapidly to access best value contracts
  • Contracts Register - fixes issues of missed contract deadlines, alerts on roll over contracts and enables key staff and volunteers to manage contracts in one place
  • Access to approved suppliers – removes the task to find and quality check suppliers

 Churches and other organisations are supported by a free welcome call from a friendly, knowledgeable customer services team.  

 All individuals responsible for buying goods and services for their organisation are encouraged to register for the service by visiting   

 Rob Kissick, CEO of 2buy2 said:

 “2buy2 has supported over 8,000 churches to be good stewards of their resources for over 10 years, enabling millions to be invested in the mission and ministry of the church rather than wasted on expensive energy contracts, over-priced photocopiers and office supplies.

 “Church leaders and managers continually ask for a purchasing service that allows them to put mission and ministry at the forefront of their planning needs, which is why we feel this is the right time to launch a dedicated purchasing service for all church and other faith and  belief organisations.

 “Church Buying provides a personal approach to purchasing with a dedicated customer care team, as well as an easy-to-use online service centre and a number of free services and resources. It means that you can direct more of your income to what you really care about: your church mission and serving the community.”

Register for free services at Church Buying