National Churches Trust launches Maintenance Grants

Published: Friday, November 25, 2016


The National Churches Trust has launched a new Maintenance Grants programme to help churches to tackle their everyday problems before they become costly repair projects.

The National Churches Trust is offering awards of between £1,000 and £2,500 to encourage churches to undertake small but vital maintenance tasks.

The grants are offered in partnership with the Pilgrim Trust, which aims to preserve Britain’s historically important buildings by supporting projects where they can make the biggest impact.

The Maintenance Grants highlight the importance of maintenance to ensure that congregations have a sustainable way of caring for their church buildings. They encourage churches to fix the problems, which, if not dealt with, can lead to bigger issues that are far more expensive to resolve.

How to apply

The grants are available for small urgent maintenance tasks to listed church buildings, as identified in a recent Quinquennial Inspection Report, condition survey or report by a gutter management contractor, and costed between £2,000 and £10,000. 

The deadline for the first round of grants is 4 January 2017. Find out more and apply here.

Michael Murray, Director of Church Support at the National Churches Trust, said:

“The National Churches Trust’s new Maintenance Grants make it easier for those who care for our churches to deal with the urgent maintenance tasks that regularly need their attention.”


“Regular maintenance is essential for churches. Something as simple as keeping drains and gutters clear so that water is taken away from the building efficiently is the most important thing a church can do to stop small problems developing into unnecessary crises.”


“As well as keeping a church building in good repair, preventative maintenance saves money as it has been estimated that every £1 spent on keeping a church in good condition saves £30 in repair costs within five years.”