Keeping churches safe and open

Published: Friday, March 23, 2018


The National Churches Trust's advice on how to keep churches open to all and safe from crime.

Your building is a great asset and so we offer advice about welcoming visitors and how to keep your church open to all. 

As church buildings are often unique, and much loved by their communities, they should be protected against crime and antisocial behaviour. These places were built to be hubs for community activity, and so should not be shut and bolted between services.

Preventing theft

Striking a balance between these two things is not always easy, and sadly from time to time church buildings can be victims of crime. There is however guidance and advice out there, suggesting a range of precautions that can be taken to help you prevent theft, and advising you of the steps to follow should a crime occur.

You can find guidance and advice on our own website.

Staying open

Also take a look at the advice provided by the church insurer, Ecclesiastical Insurance.

They actively endorse that churches are open if suitable risk management has been done. Their information includes a link to an example of a Churchwatch group which has been working well.

Further advice is also available from the Church of England’s website, ChurchCare, about security which includes looking after valuable contents and how to report a crime.