Join our Grants Committee

Published: Monday, June 24, 2019


We are looking for new members to join us in 2020.

Are you inspired by church architecture? Are you fascinated by the history of churches and want them to remain part of our heritage and a vital part of community life? Are you experienced in assessing funding applications and supporting historic buildings to be well maintained and sustainable?


About us

 The National Churches Trust is the national charity supporting and promoting churches, chapels and meeting houses of historic, architectural and community value used by Christian denominations throughout the UK. Our aims are to help maintain the UK’s heritage of church buildings and to enhance their ability to serve local communities; and to promote the benefit to communities of church buildings and to inspire everyone to value and enjoy them.

The National Churches Trust’s Grants Committee has a responsibility for allocating the Trust’s annual grants budget, which currently stands at £1,200,000, across a range of its grant programmes. The Committee meets in London three times a year to make the final decisions on awards towards the Foundation, Gateway and Cornerstone grant programmes. In addition, members may be approached via email between meetings, for input and to approve some smaller grants. Further details about each of the grant programmes can be found on the website

Experience and skills

The Committee draws from a range of backgrounds and experiences and usually includes conservation accredited architects, heritage professionals, those with project management experience and those with experience engaging the public with church heritage. Members are invited to discuss shortlisted applications contributing their experience to ensure that the cases most deserving of the Trust’s funds, and most in line with the Trust’s aims and goals, are successful.

We are interested in a mixture of backgrounds, skills and experiences to reflect our reach nationally and across Christian denominations. We are particularly interested in applications from architects or surveyors with conservation accreditation, or applicants with church heritage experience in Scotland, Northern Ireland and/or Wales. Committee members are normally appointed for three years with potential for a second term. Members may on occasion be asked to attend opening services or to make post-award monitoring visits.

If you are interested please send us your CV and a covering letter expressing your interest by 19 July 2019.

Please also save the date of 7 November 2019 to observe a Grants Committee meeting. Interviews will be held during the first two weeks of August 2019 at the NCT offices at 7 Tufton Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3QB.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Catherine Townsend, Head of Church Support, on 020 7227 1933, or by email