A future for church buildings

Published: Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The National Churches Trust has welcomed the publication by the Church of England of a new report about how to improve support for its church buildings.

The report comes from the Church Buildings review group, which was chaired by the Bishop of Worcester, the Rt Revd Dr John Inge. It constitutes the first attempt in many years to undertake a comprehensive review of the Church of England's stewardship of its church buildings and includes a wide range of statistics, a substantial theological reflection and a survey of various initiatives being taken in individual dioceses. The report goes on to identify a number of principles that should shape the Church's approach and makes some specific recommendations. Download the Report of the Church Buildings Report Group.


Claire Walker, CEO of the National Churches Trust said:

“I welcome the publication of the Church of England’s Church Buildings Review Group report. It makes clear the challenges facing the Church of England’s stewardship of its 15,700 church buildings, including obtaining funding to keep them in good repair. But it also shows that making it possible for more people to use church buildings by adapting them for community use gives churches a new lease of life.”

 “Funding from public and private sources to keep parish churches in good repair and to install modern facilities is essential for their survival, as costs are beyond the reach of most local churches. Since 1953, the National Churches Trust has played its part by providing over £90 million of funding – in today’s prices - to help repair and support Christian places of worship. That is money well spent as church buildings are a major national asset which deserve support to ensure they survive for the benefit of all.  They are places of beauty, indispensable hubs for community activities or simply sanctuaries for quiet contemplation. Churches may be historic buildings. But they can be part of our future, too.”