Building Resilience - the National Churches Trust's strategy for 2019 - 2023

Published: Thursday, July 5, 2018


Our aim is to offer practical systems and services that help the people who look after church buildings.

Building Resilience, our strategy for 2019 – 2023 is designed to make sure that we continue to support a wide range of church improvements, to make it easier for churches to carry out regular maintenance, and to encourage more people to visit churches.

The National Churches Trust exists to support church buildings from all Christian denominations, of all ages and listing status that are open and accessible across the United Kingdom.

Challenges and goals

The good news is that today many of the United Kingdom’s churches, chapels and meeting houses are in a good state of repair. However, challenges remain.

  • There is still a substantial backlog of repairs.
  • Historic fabric is not static, requiring churches to continue to prevent or repair ongoing wear and tear.
  • Not enough priority is given to maintenance, despite the fact that delaying a small repair or putting off regular maintenance can lead to a big repair bill later.
  • Much more can be done to make churches a valuable and valued resource for their local communities.
  • There remains huge unrealised potential to engage the support of the wider public by opening up more churches to visitors and telling their stories in new and exciting ways.

The National Churches Trust will focus its work over 2019 -2023 on three goals:

  1. Preserving heritage
  2. Promoting sustainability
  3. Inspiring support

We will help to ensure the future sustainability of church buildings, provide demonstrable public benefit and support the people who give their time freely to keep the UK’s ecclesiastical heritage in good condition for future generations to enjoy.



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