Meet our Friends - Cicely Taylor


Cicely Taylor was already a Friend of Somerset Churches Trust. She explains why she also chose to become a Friend of the National Churches Trust and support the work that we do.

You never know what you will find

"When I was young I was dragged by my family round churches in Norfolk.  We children weren’t very respectful.  We read from the bible, gave sermons from the pulpit and played the organ if we could find the key. But these visits had a lasting effect and now I can’t pass a church without wanting to go inside.  There is the anxiety of trying the door, the disappointment if it won’t open, and the joy if it does –with the interior perhaps revealing family monuments, a Norman font, mediaeval stained glass or carved poppy heads.  You never know."

"I belong to the Somerset Churches Trust and the local Prayer Book Society but I had never heard of the National Churches Trust until some friends asked me to join them on a tour of churches in East London."

"I was immediately struck by the warm welcome of the committee, the fascinating talks, not only on the history, but the way churches are being used to adapt to the  modern age, and the work that the Trust is doing in preserving and supporting them."

My favourite church

"Our own church, All Saints Aisholt, tucked into a corner of the Quantock Hills, has to be my favourite.  Anyone entering during the last 400 years would have felt at home with all services from the Book of Common Prayer.  It is one of the few Thankful Churches in the country as nobody from the village was killed in either World War.  It is well-looked after by its loyal congregation - and it is always open." 


Support our Work

 You too can help us safeguard the future of more churches and chapels by also becoming  a Friend of the National Churches Trust. 

  • Cicely Taylor

  • All Saints Church, Aisholt - Photo: Roger Cornfoot (CC-BY-SA2.0)