Marsh Church and Community Volunteer Awards


We are delighted  to announce the first Marsh Church and Community Volunteer Awards. We are looking for seven winners from around the United Kingdom. They will be volunteers who have had great ideas about using their church building, have contributed significantly to the sustainability of their church building, or who have helped their local community through or in their church building. 

Nominations for the Marsh Church and Community Volunteer Awards have now closed. 

The Marsh Christian Trust

The Marsh Christian Trust seeks to reward those who go unrecognised in their unpaid work to improve society and their community.

Nominated volunteers may have:

  • Made an exceptional effort in maintaining a church building.
  • Been instrumental in delivering a building project that will benefit local people.
  • Made an execeptional contribution to a community activity in or through their church building.
  • Had a great idea for attracting visitors to enjoy the building.
  • Run innovative events.
  • Delivered support to a group or the wider public with exceptional dedication and kindness.
  • Had a great fundraising idea to help the church to serve the community.
  • Enabled a church to open regularly, perhaps by recruiting and managing other volunteers.

How it works

Anyone can nominate a volunteer who has made a real difference to the use of their church and to people’s lives through their church. Use the simple online form below.

Once you have nominated someone, we will get in touch with you. Where stories stand out we will ask you more about them and the best way to contact the nominee.

If you are aware that the person you want to nominate is an adult at risk or is under 18, please tell us as part of your nomination. If your nominee is under 18, we will ask to contact their parent or guardian.

A panel of judges, each with their own expertise with volunteers or the faith heritage sector, will meet to discuss a shortlist in detail and find the seven winners for 2018. We will invite the winners to celebrate at an event in London in June 2018. Each winner will receive £250.

Nominations close on 14 January 2018.

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