Top Tips from Grantees about Project Planning and Delivery


All of our major grantees are asked to provide feedback a year after project completion. Amongst the questions we ask are what things would they have liked to have known before they started and what top tips do they have for future applicants.

Here are a selection of the recurring themes from recent feedback:

  1. Take time to choose a good project team with a variety of experts and members of the community with skills and expertise

  2. Be guided by the experts and ensure a good relationship with them - employ an experienced architect to lead and a project manager

  3. Ensure you keep the whole of the local community engaged and interested with the project throughout, they can provide a great deal of support

  4. Plan the project thoroughly before starting to help it go smoothly and on time. Including project costs, funding plan and project plan

  5. Pilot activities, design effective feedback forms and consult audiences to evaluate and to obtain evidence to inform future plans

  6. Get in contact with churches who have recently done similar projects to see what you can learn from them

  7. Be prepared for delays and unexpected problems – make allowances for the additional time and costs that come with this – include contingency

  8. Ensure good communication - have regular meetings with your team throughout the project, but have one main project spokesperson

  9. Seek the advice of funders, and read the guidance notes - keep funders informed

  10. Find a good photographer to take interesting photos for records


Extra Ideas:

  • Give everyone the chance 'to be part of history' by paying £1 to write messages and memories on a roof tile – this generates considerable interest and links with the community
  • Make a video about the project to run alongside the release of an online fundraising campaign
  • Release a well-produced newsletter to keep the community informed throughout