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It's time to check the gutters!

August 2017

The torrential rain we’ve had in Yorkshire over the past few days should be turning our minds to building maintenance priorities for the autumn!

We all know that the guttering on any building is one of the main lines of defence against water getting inside and causing internal damage. So even if you do nothing else please check that your rainwater goods are in good condition and your gutters are running freely before the next bout of rain hits.

It’s not too late to take advantage of the special funding available to Places of Worship in Yorkshire for Gutter Clearance works. Yorkshire PoW’s can apply for a Preventative Maintenance grant  from the National Churches Trust which will pay 50% of the cost of a gutter clearance service booked through the MaintenanceBooker website.

Register now for MaintenanceBooker here and find out how to apply for a gutter clearance grant here.

This week I have managed to get out and about to record another MaintenanceBooker gutter clearance job at All Saint’s Church in Crofton, Wakefield (my home ground!). All Saint’s are another church that have received a 50% gutter clearance grant.  I was brave enough to get up on the roof to take this picture of Joe and Jim from Building Conservation Solutions Ltd in full flow.

If you’ve already registered for MaintenanceBooker (and a lot of you already have!) but not yet got around to requesting quotes for a gutter clearance or applied for a grant: why not get ahead of the game and get sorted now before the summer is finally gone. We’ll be on the countdown to Christmas soon!


The first MaintenanceBooker job

June 2017

The weather was grim but the mood was high as the first gutter clearance job booked through MaintenanceBooker got underway at St Augustine’s Church, Endcliffe, Sheffield on Monday 5th June.

Dripping but expectant onlookers marvelled at Stone Technical Services steeplejack and foreman Paul Tinkler's skill as he ignored the heavy rain to deftly use ropes from the tower to clear normally inaccessible high level gutters which hadn’t been cleaned for years!                                                 

A press photographer and Sheffield Live were also on site to record the event and interview St Augustine’s church warden Pam West, and Janet Edmond from the National Churches Trust about the landmark event. You can watch the interview here.

Paul and his colleague, rope access technician Liam Baird, returned the next day to clear the remaining high level gutters using a cherry picker to enable safe access.

Pam West and Claire Dawson, Priest in Charge of St Augustine's, were very pleased with the work that was carried out and the ease of using the MaintenanceBooker system. They were also pleased to be in receipt of a £1000 Preventative Maintenance Micro Grant which helped to pay for the gutter clearance work.

Top tips for booking your gutter clearance job with MaintenanceBooker

May 2017

It’s exciting to report that MaintenanceBooker has been gaining popularity since it was launched at the end of February. There have been more than 60 registrations to date and the first few gutter clearance jobs booked with the MaintenanceBooker suppliers will take place in early June in Sheffield. Watch this space for more information on these jobs as they happen.

If you haven’t yet visited the website, take a look at and explore the grants and services we have on offer before you register. If your place of worship needs a gutter clean don’t forget to apply for the Preventative Maintenance Micro-Grant which will pay for 50% of your Rainwater Goods Maintenance service. Take advantage of this excellent grant opportunity while it still exists in Yorkshire and save money.

Top tips

Booking a Rainwater Goods maintenance service is straightforward – using the tips below will help you book your gutter clearance job quickly through MaintenanceBooker:

  1. First register for MaintenanceBooker to receive your unique login details. Now you are ready to log in to the MaintenanceBooker website to create your job.
  2. Have a go at estimating the guttering meterage of your place of worship or building. You can do this by looking at a scale plan of your building; measuring the outside of your building with a tape measure where gutters are visible or simply just measure your stride and pace around your building! The supplier can give you a more accurate quote if you can supply these measurements when you are creating your job on MaintenanceBooker.
  3. Walk around your building and count the number of downpipes and drainpipes you can see. This information will also help the supplier quote more accurately.
  4. Gather together any images or relevant documents you have regarding your building which you can digitally attach to your job request for the supplier.
  5. And don’t forget to apply for a Preventative Maintenance Micro-Grant while the opportunity is still open and save money!

Good luck!

MaintenanceBooker in Yorkshire could help save your church and your bank balance!

February 2017

I’m delighted to report that caring for churches, chapels and historic buildings in Yorkshire has now been made easier following the launch of our new web based maintenance service called MaintenanceBooker on 23rd February.

Churches of all denominations in Yorkshire can use the website to request online quotes for essential maintenance services from qualified contractors before then going on to book the maintenance jobs.

Join today

MaintenanceBooker is very straightforward to use so why not visit today, register your details, and have a look at what services are currently offered?

Don’t delay any longer in tackling those essential maintenance tasks. If you do your church’s bank balance may soon be tackling expensive repair bills for stonework or a new roof as a result of unattended leaking or blocked gutters. Investing in regular maintenance work to your building now can significantly reduce your longer term costs.                                                                       

Worried about finding a competent contractor?  Don’t be!

We can offer you the reassurance that all MaintenanceBooker contractors have been carefully vetted; are suitably qualified to work with church buildings and  possess adequate and appropriate insurances and accreditation so that your church will be in safe hands.

Cost's not an issue

Cost can be a  major barrier to tackling maintenance tasks at your church but more help is at hand as you could be eligible to receive a Preventive Maintenance Micro-Grant to  pay 50% of your church’s gutter clearance service if booked through MaintenanceBooker. The grant has been made available by The Pilgrim Trust and there are up to 200 grants available each year. If your church is listed you may also be eligible for an award from the National Churches Trust's Maintenance Grant Programme so don’t waste any more time – apply now!             

The MaintenanceBooker service has been developed by the National Churches Trust in partnership with the national procurement company 2Buy2Look out for further improvements to the website over the next few weeks and months as we explore funding opportunities to expand the service beyond Yorkshire.

Follow my monthly blog for all the latest news regarding Maintenancebooker and how you can best benefit from this service.


Janet Edmond

Project Manager – Yorkshire MaintenanceProject

Feb 2017