Madeleine Humphrey

Madeleine Humphrey is a Friend of the National Churches Trust.  She has also become a volunteer and often gives her time freely to help us. She tells us why she decided to join and support our work.


Magical about being in a sacred space

"I have been fascinated by churches and church architecture since exploring the churches of France as a child on family holidays. My love of churches and historic buildings has even inspired me to change career and study Heritage Management!  I have also sung in church choirs since I was very young, first at my local parish church, then as a choral scholar at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. More recently I have been lucky enough to sing in some of the UK's cathedrals as part of the Amici Coro chamber choir. There is something magical about being in a sacred space and creating music to fill it."

I became a Friend to support churches and make sure these beautiful buildings survive for future generations. Regardless of the religious aspects of churches, their architectural significance and the part they have played in our history is important and worth protecting. I wholeheartedly support the work the National Churches Trust is doing to provide support to churches to maintain their fabric, and to reach the communities around them. As a volunteer for the Trust, I have really enjoyed contributing to this work and helping with the expansion to Northern Ireland.

Favourite church

"It's hard to choose a favourite church. I love the grandeur of somewhere like Lincoln Cathedral, the modern stained glass at Gloucester, and the history of the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace, but there is something special about a small church that is part of a community. The chapel at Teddy Hall is tiny, and we only ever had a very small congregation for evensong, but it will always have a special place in my heart."