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Welcome to our support pages for local churches trusts.

Around the UK, there is an active network of independent local trusts that help churches, chapels and meeting houses. Many give essential grant funding and provide helpful advice. In England the majority organise the annual Ride+Stride for Churches events which raise funds for many thousands of local communities. 

The National Churches Trust values its longstanding informal relationship with these independent local organisations, most of which are volunteer led and run. Whilst the National Churches Trust is not an umbrella body for these local trusts, it believes that local organisations can provide essential support.  It provides opportunities for the trusts and takes part in meetings with representatives of the local churches trusts through the Churches Trusts Forum and the National Ride+Stride for Churches Committee. It also works directly with individual organisations when partnership opportunities arise.

How we help

The National Churches Trust's aim is to to help local churches trusts to flourish. 

Ride+Stride for Churches

We provide national promotion for the annual Ride+Stride for churches events. Working with the National Ride+Stride for Churches Committee, we provide a range of branding and marketing solutions and run a national website to help more people find out about the events.

Gateway Grants

Our new Gateway Grant Programme offers grants from £3,000 to £10,000 to local churches trusts to fund projects that support organisational development, increase their capacity to support churches in their area, or that deliver new ways of supporting churches. The guidance note is available here. Expressions of interest must first be submitted to grants@nationalchurchestrust.org no later than 12 September. Selected projects will then be invited to work up a submission to be entered via our online application portal. Any questions should be directed to Nigel Mills nigel.mills@nationalchurchestrust.org

 If you would like to find out about the local churches trust near you or would like to volunteer to help them please visit our directory to find out how to contact them