Site safety


Many churches are unaware that they, as the client, are partially responsible for ensuring health and safety on site during building works.

The law states that, for building work over 30 days you must appoint a Construction, Design and Management (CDM) coordinator to advise and assist you in meeting your duties. Ideally, this should be done before you appoint other professionals or contractors, so that they can advise on health and safety on site. If you do not appoint a CDM coordinator, your project manager is liable.

The CDM coordinator does not have to be paid, or be a professional, but must be competent and able take on the liability. Most large architects / contractors will have one in house, so it is worth asking at procurement stage.

The Health & Safety Executive publishes comprehensive information about managing a safe environment whilst you are having building work done, and on the appointment of a CDM coordinator.

National Churches Trust & Historic Religious Buildings Alliance: construction (design and management) regulations

Health & Safety Executive: absolutely essential health and safety toolkit

Health & Safety Executive: what you need to know if you are having building work done

Keeping people informed and involved

Your congregation, friends and supporters will be keen to know what is happening during the building work phases of your project.

Share any updates and images from your architect, site manager or project manager.

DO NOT allow anyone access to any construction site without the site manager's express permission, attendance and without ensuring that the proper safety clothing is worn by all.

a builder in safety clothing at the top of a church tower