North Shields Baptist Church


North Shields Baptist Church, North Shields, Tyne & Wear NE30 1AD £20,000 Community Grant

North Shields Chapel was constructed in 1846, under the direction of the renowned local architect John Dobson. At first it was simply a one-room chapel, but during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, various additions were made, including a hall at the rear.

In 2012 the National Churches Trust awarded a £20,000 Community Grant, funded by the 2012-2013 DCMS Capital Grants Scheme, to help fund a new toilet for men, a separate, accessible toilet and re-laying the drains running from the toilets, kitchen and courtyard.

North Shields Baptist ChurchRev Liz Edwards, Minister, North Shields Baptist Church said:

“North Shields Baptist Church is not a big church and it’s not in a wealthy area but we are big enough to make a difference in the town. We have a welcoming congregation and a happy mix of people of all ages. We also run a weekly free meal service for those in great need and a drop-in for refugees andasylum seekers in the area.”

“One aspect of our building was really letting us down though: the toilets. We had insufficient toilets for men and no real provision for disabled users. This is where the National Churches Trust turned up trumps! They offered us a grant that covered virtually all of the work, including architect’s fees. There was no way we could have got the work done ourselves but with the Trust’s help, the toilet area was transformed and we now have proper accessible facilities plus an extra men’s toilet. We can be properly welcoming for all who come through our doors now."