Grantee church downloads


Congratulations on receiving a grant from the National Churches Trust for your project.

As a grantee church, chapel or meeting house you have access to this page, designed to help you publicise and promote both your grant and your project in general. There is also some information which may help you enhance the work you are doing.


Social Media

We make increasing use of social media to post information about churches, so please connect with us in this way. If you have access to the Internet and use Facebook or Twitter please ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the Trust.

Our Twitter address is @NatChurchTrust, our Instagram account is @nationalchurchestrust, and our Facebook page is



If you have received a Cornerstone Grant, you should receive two posters in a publicity pack that will be sent to you (due to Covid-19 we are not currently sending these out unless requested): one A3 poster and one A4 laminated poster. You can display these inside or outside your church to show that you have received one of our grants. If you would like more posters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you have received a Foundation or Gateway Grant we usually send smaller packs, but we will happily send more information for you to display if you would like it. Please email us at to request any additional publicity material. 



NCT logo for use on website, in newsletters and on signs

Press release, newsletter, website

Please find below the guidance sent out with your grant offer. You can download it again to share with others, or use it to copy and paste the text into any publicity you produce.

Also below are the press releases we send out about the grants we have given, you may be able to use some of the content and quotes for your own press releases.

Press release template

Newsletter and website guidance



We ask that you try to find at least three members of the congregation or your wider local community to join the National Churches Trust for a minimum of three years. This costs £30 per year per person by direct debit. If you need extra Grantee Church Friends membership forms you can download the form below and print it off.

 Friends form

Support & advice

Please also find below the support and advice documents sent to you with your grant offer, in case you need to print them for reference or sharing.

Advice on sources of funding for Repair-type projects

Advice on sources of funding for Facilities-type building projects