Training subjects

Every year we run a range of training sessions and courses, as well as attending those arranged by organisations across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Many of these can be delivered online or in person, and our calendar of training includes both so that you can choose which is best for you and your church.

Find out more about our core sessions below.

We also offer bespoke training for your church or group of churches, if you'd like to know more please get in touch

Church tourism training 

We also offer tourism consultation services to help your church or project. Our team has over 20 years experience in the church tourism field, talk to us about how we could help you.

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Welcoming visitors

An introductory course discovering the many ways you can benefit from tourism from increasing visitors and raising funds to recruiting volunteers and staging events. What do you have to offer? How do you meet and greet visitors? What are the first impressions and what are the pitfalls?

Finding and sharing your stories

We believe every church has a story to tell. Delivered in two halves, this course first explores how to search out the story that makes your church unique. Second, we look at how you become the storyteller, using both traditional and digital ways to share your story and entertain others. 

Making publicity work for your church

We look at how attract visitors to your church and events. From creating simple flyers and posters to creating plans for large scale events and delivering successful PR campaigns. Explore how to manage your presence online and create a successful website is also addressed.

Raising income from bookable experiences

Discover how to create unique bespoke days that will attract groups to your church. A chance to be part of the our latest tourism initiative to encourage more people to visit churches.

Social media, making it work for your church

In this fast paced everchanging world of digital communications we share our knowledge of how to get the most from social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Open churches

Delivered in partnership with Ecclesiastical Insurance, learn from the experts why they believe churches should be kept open. Expel the myths around leaving the church door unlocked and learn valuable hints and tips that can help keep your church safe.

Thanks so much for today, it was tremendously useful, and I now feel much better able to respond to local concerns about opening up the church to visitors : Sarah Tebbit

Caring for your church building

For further details please contact our Church Support Team

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Which grant is best for you?

Find out about our grant programmes. Discover what work we are able to fund through our grant programmes as well as how to apply and top tips for making a successful application.

An excellent event covering a lot of ground, it was great to have the slides as an attachment as a reminder of the topics covered : Holy Trinity, Stapleton

Northern Ireland

We have a number of training courses available for places of worship in Northern Ireland. For further details please contact our Church Support Officer for Northern Ireland, Nina McNeary

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