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Friends award 2023

Voting has now closed for the Friends Award 2023.

This year’s National Church Awards will take place on Monday 6 November at 4pm from Mercers Hall in the City of London.

Find out if your chosen church wins the Friends Award.

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Choose a church to receive a special grant of £10,000

Through your generous donations, our growing number of Friends help us carry out our work of supporting churches in so many ways. Your support makes a vital difference and helps even more historic churches remain open and in use for generations to come.

As part of the National Church Awards, each year we invite churches to whom we have already awarded a grant to let us know if they still need additional funding in order to complete their project. This year we are celebrating the 7th anniversary of our Friends Award, which means our Friends have given £70,000 to churches they have chosen.

The winner will be announced at the National Church Awards on Monday 6th November, at a sparkling high tea at Mercers' Hall in the City of London. The event will be livestreamed for everyone to watch.

Shorlisted churches

Each church has created a short film, explaining their project and why they still need help, please take time to watch them all before voting


St John the Baptist, Hatherleigh, Devon

Built in the Early English and Perpendicular style. Much of the building dates from late 15th century and early 16th century, but fabric from the medieval period survives together with earlier fittings and fixtures. The church was restored in 1884.


Union Chapel, Islington, London

Union Chapel is a Victorian neo-gothic architectural gem in Islington London, built in 1877, with the upper part of the tower completed in 1888. Designed using the latest technology of the time for heating, ventilation and acoustics.


St Mary, South Stoneham, Hampshire

There are traces of an earlier Saxon building, but the chancel dates from the 12th century. There is medieval graffiti and the font, with traces of the original carving, dates from 1190. The tower is 15th century, with damage caused during the Civil War.

St John the Baptist, Hatherleigh, Devon

From the church:
"Your support would protect our 'at risk' tower and to record the heritage of the building for future generations. We will be continuously making history and recording through text and oral histories. St John the Baptist church is at the beating heart of the community and provides great value to the community for celebration, worship, community and historical events with an ever increasing congregation."

Union Chapel, Islington, London

From the church:
"Higher than predicted inflation caused by unexpected increase of energy costs and cost of living crisis has led to vastly increased costs and increased project risks due to unpredictability. Your support would be instrumental to make the Sunday School a state of the art inclusive, accessible and environmentally sustainable space led by and for the benefit of local communities, breathing new life into an iconic historical church."

St Mary, South Stoneham, Hampshire

From the church:
"The five year architects inspection report highlighted urgent requirements to repair the roof. If roof restoration work does not start soon then this ancient building will soon no longer be able to be used by the community it serves, or as a base for church mission. So far we have managed to raise a good amount towards the total cost, but as the church is situated within a deprived estate community fundraising is challenging, and your support would be incredibly gratefully received."

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Our Friends Award, as well as all of our hundred grants a year, are only possibly thanks to generous donors. Whether it's repairs to a roof, new guttering, or even a kitchen or toilet, we rely on the support of individuals. Please donate today and help keep our rich heritage of church buildings protected for years to come.

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