Meet our Friends - Sarah Tebbit


Sarah Tebbit has a background in historical research and has recently become a Friend of the National Churches Trust.  She tells us why she decided to join and support our work.  


points of historical interest

"Last year my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary by taking our two-year-old daughter to see the parish church in North Wales where we got married - the church of St Nefydd and St Mary in Llannefydd. It is a late-medieval, double-nave church with two huge perpendicular windows at the eastern end that lend a beautiful lightness to the structure."  

St Nerydd & St Mary church

"It also has various points of historical interest that have been carefully researched and written up by local historians. Being situated in a particularly rural area, its relatively large size belies its understandably small congregation: shortly after our visit I was informed that the pandemic has (as in so many areas) severely compounded the existing challenges of the building’s upkeep, and that its permanent closure is now a growing possibility."  


helping other churches 

"Anxious to help, I learned that establishing a Friends’ group could be an effective way of coordinating and fostering support for a church. This is when I encountered the National Churches Trust."

"Its website provided comprehensive advice on getting such a Friends’ group started, as well as explaining what the very tangible benefits of this could be (not least in terms of grant applications). I then chose to become a Friend of the Trust because, although their advice would have been available to me anyway, I wanted to support their work helping other churches in similar positions."

"The Trust’s activity in promoting church heritage seems to me to be, at one and the same time, energetic, imaginative and practical. Its literature and updates have been an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration to me, as well as a source of hope: it is really encouraging that this well-coordinated network of church-saving enthusiasts exists, and I am so pleased to now be part of it." 

You too can help us safeguard the future of more churches and chapels by also becoming  a Friend of the National Churches Trust.  

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  • Sarah Tebbit

  • St Nefydd and St Mary church Llannefydd

  • St Nefydd and St Mary church Llannefydd