Meet our Friends - Alexander Plumb


Alexander Plumb is PPC Secretary of St Mary Magdalene church, Gillingham and also a Friend of the National Churches Trust.  He tells us why he decided to join and support our work.


Interesting buildings

"Church buildings are part of the magnificent tapestry of our nation’s architectural history as well as being focal points for our connection with God.  With many different styles down the centuries, from the stone and mortar of early modern Britain through the redbrick and neo-Gothic twin revolutions of the Victorian era to the stunning creations of the modern era, churches speak to society in every era as well as being timeless for spiritual repose."

"I became a Friend when our church was fundraising after the lead from the roof had been stolen and if enough members of our congregation signed up, we could receive assistance.  With so many churches in need of funds to keep them viable for future generations, I kept up my subscription after our roof was restored, so others could also enjoy the benefit we received."


Favourite church

"I have been asked to choose my favourite church. I have had many pleasant experiences in a variety of churches –  it is a bit like asking what is your favourite hymn!  I shall go with my own worshipping church, St Mary Magdalene, a Grade II* building existing in its current form since the 15th century, where being inside always feels like home.  Worship on the site has been there since at least when the Domesday Book was written.  It is currently undergoing a reordering process where the spaces inside will be opened up for more community events."


Support our Work

You too can help us safeguard the future of more churches and chapels by also becoming  a Friend of the National Churches Trust. 

  • Alexander holding cross at rededication service

  • St Mary Magdelene church, Gillingham

  • St Mary Magdelene church, Gillingham

  • The congregation of Gillingham Parish church

  • Kent - St Mary Magdalene Church Gillingham tower