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Churches of the week

St Laurence, Chorley
Chorley , Lancashire

17th December 2021

St Laurence, Chorley

Providing a 24/7 food delivery service to those of the parish who are in need, St Laurence serves its community even when the foodbanks are closed.

St Joseph Church, Burslem
Burslem , Staffordshire

10th December 2021

St Joseph, Burslem

Colourful Staffordshire church, designed by a young Arts & Crafts architect and built by unemployed men in the Potteries during the Great Depression.

St Mary, Woolpit
Woolpit, Suffolk

3rd December 2021

St Mary, Woolpit

A choir of 128 intricately carved medieval angels look down from the double hammer-beam roof of this most picturesque of Suffolk churches.

CLAYWORTH St Peter church
Clayworth , Nottinghamshire

26th November 2021

St Peter, Clayworth

The outstanding feature of the church is the stunning murals in the chancel painted in 1904-5 by the Edinburgh artist Phoebe Anna Traquair.

St Matthew church, Surbiton, 2021 Winner Nayler Awards Church Maintenance
Surbiton , Surrey

19th November 2021

St Matthew, Surbiton

Voted as UK's best maintained church and Winner of the Nayler Awards for Excellence in Church Maintenance 2021.

Salford Cathedral
Salford , Lancashire

12th November 2021

Salford Cathedral

Standing supremely in Salford with its spire soaring 240 feet towards the sky, first time visitors could be excused for thinking they have seen St John the Evangelist before. Designer Matthew Ellison cherry picked the best of other northern churches for his wonderful creation.

St Thomas church, Salisbury
Salisbury , Wiltshire

5th November 2021

St Thomas, Salisbury

Winner of the UK Church Architect Presidents' Award for the major reordering project which included the creation of a new altar table.

St Nicholas church, Barfreston, Kent
Barfreston , Kent

22nd October 2021

St Nicholas, Barfreston

One of the hidden gems of Norman architecture and once a resting place for weary pilgrims en route to Thomas a Becket's shrine at Canterbury.

St Pancras Old Church, London
London, Greater London

15th October 2021

St Pancras Old Church, London

London’s ancient parish church once standing 'all alone, as utterly forsaken, old and weather-beaten' is as witness to the growing prosperity of this lively part of the City.

St Peter church Heysham
Heysham, Lancashire

8th October 2021

St Peter, Heysham

One of the oldest places of Christian worship in Western Europe, there has been a church on the cliffs of Heysham since at least the 8th century. But was it earlier than that? Legend states that in the 5th century, St Patrick becoming shipwrecked off Heysham, came ashore and built a chapel overlooking Morecambe Bay.

St John the Divine church, Southrey
Southrey, Lincolnshire

1st October 2021

St John the Divine, Southrey

Standing on a concrete base with stones from Bardney Abbey in its foundations, this delightful church was built as a temporary structure in 1898 by the villagers and the local carpenter Richard Turner.