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St Giles, Chalfont St Giles

Featured on 27th March 2020

Chalfont St Giles Church

St Giles Church, Chalfont St Giles

During the cornavirus, churches around the UK are working hard to provide help and support to their congregation and local people.

 St Giles has been the centre of worship in Chalfont St Giles in Buckinghamshire for over 800 years. Today, it still shows it is a vital link to its community. The church has phoned around everyone in the church aged 70 years to check on their welfare and to find out what help may be needed. In addition the church website has material for guidance and comfort and has sent email information and comfort to each person on the church list.

Though the church is an ancient building, it is using modern technology to stay in touch and has recorded a short act of worship which is on their website for all to view. It is also live streaming via Facebook and helping parishioners to sign up to their Facebook network to help isolated people stay in touch with the church community.

To be honest we are all scrambling about rather in the dark just doing what we can. Today on my early morning walk passing houses here in the village, I dropped cards into a few doors, to a nurse and to a couple of vulnerable people as well, expressing our prayers and love. 

Revd Ian Brown - 26th March 2020

The church is well worth visiting, of course only when restrictions on movement have been lifted. The church features a delightful lychgate and a series of wall paintings from the early 14th century. During the English Civil War, some iron cannonballs were embedded in the stonework around the east window; they were believed to have been fired by Oliver Cromwell's troops when camped in the neighbouring field after the Battle of Aylesbury.


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