The Buttress Club


Do you have a view on the work that we do and the way in which we communicate with you? Are you digitally capable and prepared to share your opinions with us on a regular basis? Would you like a sneak preview of things to come?



We are looking for supporters who are prepared to help us by giving us regular opinions on a range of projects and issues. Our aim is to set-up The Buttress Club, a special panel of supporters with whom we can share ideas and new projects, and who would be able to give us their views and thoughts.

For example, we might ask for your opinions about a new Friends Membership leaflet, designs for a new website, or what you think about a recent news article. 


Your answers will assist us in our work

The commitment would be to read and view some materials or literature, and then answer an on-line questionnaire, once a month. For some, it might also include being part of an optional focus group or answering some longer questions and discussing projects or issues on a one-to-one basis with us. The answers you give would not be individually attributed but would significantly assist us as we work on developing new projects and plans for future work.

If you would be prepared to support us by joining our special Buttress Club, please click this link to complete an initial questionnaire, and we will be in touch very soon. Joining is free and you will not receive any financial benefit as a result of being a member.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email David Knights, our Director of Engagement.