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  • Building Conservation (Cathedral Communications)

    Cathedral's in-house publications include: The Building Conservation Directory, Historic Churches, Historic Gardens.

    Cathedral also publishes: The Institute for Archaeologists Yearbook, The Institute of Historic Building Conservation Yearbook, Context, the Journal of the IHBC, Discovery and Excavation in Scotland, for Archaeology Scotland, Transactions for ASCHB.

  • Building on History: the Church in London

    Showing the ways in which historical awareness can be of practical value for the contemporary church, contributing to its self-understanding, current activities and future strategy.

  • Built Environment Forum Scotland

    A membership organisation bringing together voluntary and professional non-governmental organisations that operate at the national level and represent people who work within the built environment sector.

  • B’nai B’rith

    B’nai B’rith is an international organisation, which brings together Jews from all backgrounds, with the aims of strengthening the Jewish community, combating racial and religious intolerance, and helping the less fortunate. 

    Contributes to and organises the European Days of Jewish Culture & Heritage.

  • CADW

    The Welsh Government’s historic environment service working for an accessible and well-protected historic environment for Wales.

  • Cambridgeshire Churches

    Guide to churches in Cambridgeshire, with images and information.

  • Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust

    The Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trusts main aim is to provide financial assistance to the parishes of Cambridgeshire, when they undertake repair projects affecting the fabric, fixtures, furniture and ornaments of their historic churches and chapels.

  • Campaign to Protect Rural England

    Campaigning for a beautiful and living countryside and working to protect, promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy, and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations.

  • Capel

    Capel was formed in 1986 to encourage the study and preservation of the Nonconformist heritage of Wales, offer information and advice to congregations on ways to maintain and preserve their buildings, record and study chapel architecture, encourage chapels to safeguard their records and to encourage sympathetic conversion of chapels no longer required for their original purpose.

  • Caring for God's Acre

    Caring for God's Acre values churchyards and burial grounds for their importance to people and our history and wildlife. Their mission is to champion the conservation of churchyards and burial sites across the British Isles.