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  • Beaverbrook Foundation

    The Beaverbrook Foundation supports a variety of causes in the United Kingdom and Canada, including preserving heritage buildings and supporting charitable appeals. 

  • Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Historic Churches Trust

    The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Historic Churches Trust was established in 1991 to raise and manage funds to help the restoration and repair of churches and chapels in the counties of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire and also part of Barnet.

    The Trust also acts as a distributive agent for church grants made by the Wixamtree Trust in Bedfordshire.  

  • Bedfordshire Church Photos

    Hundreds of images of churches in the Bedfordshire by Kevin Quick & Peter Quick.

  • Bedfordshire, Essex & Hertfordshire Methodist District

    Regional district for the Methodist Church including support and advice for church buildings.

  • Berkshire Historic Churches Trust

    The Berkshire Historic Churches Trust was set up in 1984 (Royal County of Berkshire Churches Trust until 2020). Its objective is to raise funds to help with the cost of repairs to the fabric of Christian Churches in Berkshire of any denomination  belong to or associated with 'Churches together in England'. It also aims to encourage churches to make use of their buildings for the benefit of the community at large if this...

  • Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

    Will fund amenities within a church building for use by the whole community, including toilets, kitchen facilities, disability access and re-organisation of internal space.

  • Biffa Award

    Grants for projects that provide or improve community spaces, cultural facilities and places for outdoor recreation. Your church must be within 10 miles of a Biffa operation and have public access for 104 days a year.

  • Birmingham Faith Encounter Programme

    A multi-faith group working to develop mutual respect and understanding between people of all faiths and none in the West Midlands who have pioneered the development of an accredited Faith Guiding Course in partnership with the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

  • Birmingham Methodist District

    Regional district for the Methodist Church including support and advice for church buildings.

  • Bishop Radford Trust

    The Bishop Radford Trust supports Christian activities in the UK and overseas, through churches and UK registered Christian charities. They are unable to support building projects or restoration works, non UK registered charities, individuals, research, retro-funding, campaigns or core funds.