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  • Ballinger Charitable Trust

    The Ballinger Charitable Trust was founded in 1994 and seeks to support charities, voluntary organisations and community groups in the Northeast of England through grants and funding.

  • Baptist Insurance Company

    Insurance and risk management advice for churches, as well as offering home insurance for Baptists Ministers, church volunteers and church members.

  • Baptist Union of Great Britain

    National organisation for the BU including support and advice for church buildings.

  • Baptist Union of Scotland

    National district for the Baptist Union, including support and advice for church buildings.

  • Baptist Union of Wales

    National organisation for the BU of Wales including support and advice for church buildings.

  • Barbour Foundation

    Supports education projects working with children and young people, and works to protect and preserve features of cities, towns, villages and the countryside for the benefit of the general public.

  • Barron Bell Trust

    The Trust makes grants towards the provision, installation, inspection, repair and maintenance of carillons of bells in churches.

  • Bat Conservation Trust

    The leading NGO solely devoted to the conservation of bats and the landscapes on which they rely.

    The trust has  agreat dela of advice and guidance for churches with bats.

  • Beaverbrook Foundation

    The Beaverbrook Foundation supports a variety of causes in the United Kingdom and Canada, including preserving heritage buildings and supporting charitable appeals. 

  • Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Historic Churches Trust

    The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Historic Churches Trust was established in 1991 to raise and manage funds to help the restoration and repair of churches and chapels in the counties of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire and also part of Barnet.

    The Trust also acts as a distributive agent for church grants made by the Wixamtree Trust in Bedfordshire.