Manage and maintain your church building


We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us.

Winston Churchill

Churches, chapels and meeting houses are places of worship, first and foremost. They are also among our greatest heritage assets, house works of art as great as any gallery, and keep our rites and records as safe as any museum.

people outside a churchHowever, they are living, working buildings, still very much in their original use, and definitely not cosseted museums or hushed galleries.

There are an estimated 41,000 Christian churches, chapels and meeting houses in the United Kingdom, providing a rich heritage reflecting changes in religious practice, architecture and vernacular building styles.

Finding a compromise between protecting, celebrating, enjoying and enhancing our heritage, whilst still using it in a respectful but relevant way, can be difficult but is by no means impossible.

Loving your building, managing it well and keeping it well maintained can enhance all aspects of your church life.

Knowledge is king

It is very important that you know your building. Understanding its architecture, social heritage, and how it works as a structure will help you to care for it appropriately, enhance it if you need to or simply encourage people to love it as much as you do.

National Churches Trust: know your building

Caring in your community

Good governance, regular maintenance, sensible safety and security and a consideration for environmental sustainability are all important aspects of caring for your building in the best way that you can.

National Churches Trust: caring for your building

Making the most of it

Your church is a gem that has a huge amount to offer your congregation, your community, and visitors from further afield. Making the most of what you have and enhancing the building in an appropriate and effective way can be an exciting project for all involved.

National Churches Trust: making the most of your building

Building maintenance made easy

MaintenanceBooker is a new service from the National Churches Trust developed in partnership with procurement experts 2buy2. The service makes it easy for churches, chapels and historic buildings to book maintenance services using professional and experienced contractors. 

For more information on how to use MaintenanceBooker and services available please visit


Help with your heritage or tourism project

At the National Churches Trust, we know how hard you work to look after your wonderful church, chapel or meeting house and how much you cherish and want to share your building and its architectural and social heritage. Project planning, developing engagement, heritage, tourism and activity plans are tough. They are also becoming increasingly important in funding applications. We’d like to offer you a helping hand, either before or after funding.

Please email our Church Tourism Manager Sarah Crossland for further information or to discuss this service.