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MaintenanceBooker is an online service brought to you by NCT Heritage Services, part of the National Churches Trust group, and developed in partnership with procurement experts 2buy2. 

The service makes it easy for churches, chapels and historic buildings to book a number of maintenance services through accredited and experienced contractors. 

MaintenanceBooker is now available throughout England and Wales, following a successful pilot in Yorkshire in 2017. The national roll-out has been generously supported by Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, The Pilgrim Trust, and the Church in Wales. 

Services currently available include gutter clearance, lightning protection system inspections, tree surveys and surgery and asbestos maintenance.

All MaintenanceBooker contractors have been carefully selected following a rigorous tendering process which has assessed their experience, levels of insurance and Health and Safety standards.

How to register

You can reguster for free. Just visit the website at

Do also visit our MaintenanceBooker resources pages, which provide tips and guidance on maintaining your church building.  

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What can you expect from a MaintenanceBooker service?

If you book a Rainwater Goods Maintenance service you can expect the following:

  • Clearing of all eaves, parapet and valley gutters
  • Removal of debris from flat roofs
  • Cleaning of rainwater hoppers/sumps/interceptors
  • Clearing of rainwater gullies catchpits and inspection chambers connected to rain water systems
  • Opening,cleaning and resealing of rodding eyes
  • Rodding of rainwater drainage systems and reporting of any blockages or other problems in writing
  • The cost of debris collection and disposal off site is included in price
  • A report from the contractor to include: before and after photographs of the work undertaken; identification and photographic evidence of noticeable defects and recommendations on repairs required.

Your contractor’s report will also be passed on to your church. For Church of England properties, the report will also be loaded onto the Church Heritage Record to be made available to Quinquennial Inspection architects.

Is the cost of maintenance a problem?

Cost can be a major barrier to tackling maintenance tasks but the good news is that churches and chapels can apply for a Preventive Maintenance Micro-Grant of up to £500 to help pay for the cost of one of the following services if booked through MaintenanceBooker:

  • Rainwater Goods Maintenance
  • Lightning Protection System Repairs
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Masonry Repairs and High Level Maintenance (from June 2019)

Grants have been made available by The Pilgrim Trust and the National Churches Trust and full details are available at .

Find out more and apply for our Preventative Maintenance Micro-Grants